X2Net Recent Documents

X2Net Recent Documents

Effective, easy-to-use and affordable document management

X2Net Recent Documents provides powerful features that allow you to manage, build and catalog all the documents you work with, into a virtual catalog. It automatically keeps track of the names and locations of documents and files as you work with them; without any additional effort on your part. Whenever you need to locate a document or file you can use Windows Explorer to find it quickly and simply.


  • Create a "virtual catalog" of documents as you access them.
  • Group documents into groups of similar documents, regardless of where they are physically stored on your computer.
  • Quickly locate and open documents using this "virtual catalog".
  • Seamlessly integrate into Windows Explorer. No new application or interface to learn.
  • Access documents from your "virtual catalog" directly from within Windows Open dialogs.
  • Historically track and manage your documents, based on date accessed, parent application or user specified rules.

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X2Net Recent Documents


X2Net Recent Documents